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What is a pawn buy?

You can of course pawn your items and repay the loaned amount plus interest. However, many times people bring us their unwanted items instead. This way, they can sell them and not have to worry about paying interest or returning for their items. Generally we pay more to buy the item from you than we would to pawn it for a loan.

How Does a Pawn Buy Work?

Simply bring in any item of value. If we can agree on the price, we write up the buy agreement, get a signature and thumbprint from you, take your item and place it in our store room. We are required to hold onto your item (not sell it to anyone) for 30 days. This gives law enforcement a chance to reivew your item and check to make sure the item belongs to you.

What Do We Pay for Pawn Buys?

Generally speaking, we pay 25-70% of the current market value. It is really simple business. If the item is in new or like new condition, it is a current model or make and works fine then we will of course pay more for it than we would for an older model not in the same condition. These days it is pretty easy to ascertain the "current market value" of almost anything. Our experience is the biggest tool but we also use the internet and sites like eBay, Amazon and Craigslist to try and determine what items just like yours have sold for recently. Then we can make you an offer on your item. We cannot pay what these items are selling for on the open market as we are a business and we make money buying items and then reselling them. So we pay less than the item is selling for in our research.

Can I repurchase my pawn buy item?

I am sorry, no one can purchase your item back from us for the first 30 days. We must hold that item during that period of time. Of course, at the end of the 30 day hold period, you are welcome to repurchase your item back from us if you so desire. Of course, we could not sell it back to you for the amount we paid for it, but instead an amount higher than what we paid so we can make a little profit.

What Happens if I change my mind after I have sold something?

Easy, just let us know and we can make sure that on the 31st day you are notified and can come in to our store and repurchase your items. Again, we would need to sell the item back to you for a higher price in order to make a bit of profit. Profitis how we pay the light bill, our rent, insurance and of course compensate our employees.

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