Largo Pawn Shop Employee Photo of Kirk

Kirk or Shrek as we call him, is a devoted, overrun father of three boys. We think he works here because he needs the money, but maybe more because he wants to get out of the house. Many times at home he is over run by the chaos of having three boys at home. His expertise lies in video games, computers, laptops and ipads. He is also a once-famous musician having played professionally for some lessor known bands from yesteryear. He has great stories of starving while on tour. He is funny and has a good sense of humor!

Largo Pawn Shop

You cannot mistake Lou. He will be the one who greets with a smile and always has plenty to say. Originating from New York and graduating from Columbia University, he brings a special Northeastern flavor to the shop. Where else are you gonna get an Ivy League appraisal on your items. NOWHERE! Lou has lived here locally in the Largo area for more than 25 years. He was a certified auto mechanic for Toyota and other brands. You will often find him in the parking lot helping out other mechanics diagnose tough problems. Ladies Lou is single and always looking! Lou's expertise is in Tools of all kinds, fishing gear and computers, laptops and Ipads.

Largo Pawn Shop Employee Photo of Willy

Willy is our latest edition. He also comes from New York. The tough New Yorker fled from Brooklin with his wife and 5 children and a gaggle of grandkids to enjoy our sunshine. Willy is a musician and plays locally in a band. He likes to pluck the strings of a guitar or bass and does it quite well. Willy shares has an equal passion for anything electronic. We think he also likes to escape his home life as he spends way too much time at work. Willy is our fluent Spanish speaker and is teaching Kirk and Lou how to speak at least a little, - how little? Come on in and find out !