Largo Pawn Shop Employee Photo of Kirk

Kirk is a devoted, overrun father of three boys. We think he works here because he needs the money, but maybe more because he wants to get out of the house. Many times at home he is over run by the chaos of having three boys at home. His expertise lies in musical items, video games, computers, laptops and ipads. He is also a once-famous musician having played professionally for some lessor known bands from yesteryear. He has great stories of starving while on tour. He is funny and has a good sense of humor! His best attribute is being kind even when faced with adversity.

Largo Pawn Shop

Bryan is a welcome addition to our team in 2017. He has been a pawnbroker almost as long as the store has been open. He is a jeweler and an expert at watch battery replacement. He is a veteran of the Army and very knowledgeable with firearms. He likes to wear a skirt (kilt) and you may seem him weilding a large hand made sword from time to time. He has a wonderful family and soon to be a Grandpa! (early 2019). He has successfully raised two daughters. We enjoy his experience and wisdom both as a father and a pawnbrokier.

Largo Pawn Shop Employee Photo of Willy

Enrique is the young gun of our team. He hales from Puerto Rico and speaks fluent Spanish. Enrique has an infectious smile and loves to chat in any language. He is patient and willing to learn. He loves to study the items that come out of pawn, so if you have questions about our merchandise for sale, he is the one to ask. Enrique is not yet married and no kids that we know of !

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