Pawn Loans

We lend on virtually anything of value. AS long as it fits in our store, we can lend money on it. We evaluate each items on a case by case basis. What we look for is a good secondary market value in case you don't return. Jewelry Loans

Jewelry is our most favorite item to lend money on. It is the easiest transaction for all involved. Bring in your silver, gold or platinum jewelry and we will appraise it for free. We provide a quick evaluation, a safe , secured and insured storage facility. We can clean your items for you and even get them repaired while they are in pawn. The owners have other larger jewelry companies and so we can pay more than any other pawnshop in the Tampa Bay Area.

Diamond Loans

We love to lend on diamonds. Bring in your old or new diamonds with our without certification and we can give you a free loan appraisal. We have a large, secure and safe storage facility. We can even clean your diamond while it is in pawn. The owners have other much larger diamond business's so we are able to lend more than any other pawnshop in the Tampa Bay Area.

High End Watch Loans

We love to lend on high end watches such as Rolex, Breitling, Patek Philippe and Omega just to name a few. Bring your watch in for a free pawn loan appraisal. It is best if you can bring the original box, paperwork and receipts if possible. If you are not sure of the value of your watch, no problem, we are experts and can quickly tell you about your watch, the history and how it will fair on the secondary market.


We love electronics, especially current models. We lend money on all kinds of electronics including Televisions, Stereos, DVD players, Blu-Ray Players, Ipods, Ipads, MP3 Players, GPS, EPIRBs, Video Cameras, DSLRs and the list goes on and on. You get more money for your items when they are in like new condition with original box and instructions. Free loan appraisals on any of your electronics items.

Computers and Laptops

Yes, we take computers and laptops. Because the computer market is fast paced, we generally stick with items that are no more than 4-5 years old. We can lend as much as 50%of the cost of the item as new on some items. As always, if you have the box, instructions and a receipt, we will lend you more than if you don't.


We lend on many kinds of tools. From ladders to air powered tools to hand tools. We take them all. Cordless drill sets, compressors and electronic scanners for automobiles. Occasionally we get to many of these so check with us first, but generally we are always lending on every kind of tool.

Gift Cards

We very much like to buy your unwanted gift cards. As long as we can verify the outstanding balance we are ready and able to make you a substantial cash offer to purchase your gift card. Bring your cards in and let's make a deal. We even trade gift cards, get rid of one you don't want and trade it for something you do want.

Motorcycles, ATVs, JetSkis

YES, if it fits in the door, we take it. We love to lend on Motorcylces. Harley Davidson is our favorite but we lend on other brands and types as well. We also take motorcycle accessories and chrome parts. Give us a jingle on the phone and we can give you a good idea on what you may have that is ideal to borrow money on.

Auto Pawn Loans

YES, we take all kinds of cars. Classic cars, daily drivers and even off road vehicles. We need you to drive it down to us for an inspection and appraisal and make sure to bring your title and registration. You must prove the vehicle is yours, so make sure the title and registration are in your name. We have a locked and secure storage facility to keep your vehicle in while it is securing your loan. You can feel good about leaving your vehicle with us.

Boat Pawn Loans

We can float you a loan on your boat. Big or small, we can lend you the money you need FAST. Need to borrow $100 on your canoe? Bring it down. Or if you need $25,000 on your go fast boat, we can do that too. The boat must be registered in your name (trailer too!) in order for us to make you a loan. Make sure to bring your registration and title with you. Please also remember we must take possession of your boat and store it in our locked secure facility until the loan is repaid.
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